After clearing the ASCP exam, the job of medical lab technicians in New York is to assist the physicians in Diagnosing blood and tissue cells. The technicians are assigned to the research work on chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS, and diabetes. Other job prospects for medical lab technicians are available in medical equipment sales company, clinic, organ bank, blood bank, etc.

Medical lab technician course class in New York is very crucial because it trains the future technicians to deal with the latest equipment available in labs. This program focuses on imparting the knowledge of operating clinical equipment with accuracy. They are trained to collect blood samples and examine its immunity. This is a noble profession which has lots of challenges and excitement. According to a survey, there can be an increase of 18% in the number of lab technicians in America. The opportunities in the field of medical research are booming. You can be the part of this industry by going through medical lab technician course class in New York.

Essential Information about Medical Lab Technician Courses

The aim of Medical lab technician course classes in New Yorkis to prepare the candidates for American Society of Clinical Pathology exam. This exam officially certifies the medical trainees to practice research in hospitals or pharmaceutical firms. The courses offered for Medical lab technicians are:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Hematology
  3. Blood banking
  4. Immunology
  5. Clinical Chemistry
  6. Molecular biology
  7. Cytotechnology

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